Results of Courses and training „Prevention of radicalization“ 30 September – 06 October 2021, Messonghi Beach Hotel, Corfu, Greece under project 2021-1-BG01-KA122-ADU-000035679 “Safety and success”, Erasmus +

Participants learned and acquired innovative techniques, tools, methods, strategies, and practices that they can integrate into their direct work with the target groups. They also learned how to better motivate adults for civic participation and social responsibility, critical thinking, tolerance, how to recognize the main risks associated with radicalization through the Internet and social networks and through personal messages. The acquisition of ICT-digital competencies and social media in the fight against radicalism and good practices and ideas for the prevention of radicalization were exchanged with organizations at the European level.


Improved skills and knowledge of the 25 experts working with adults on prevention and counteraction to radicalization; of increasing civic engagement and social responsibility and stimulating critical thinking. Innovative techniques, methods were promoted and the knowledge, skills, and competencies of 25 experts were increased in the field of radicalization prevention.

This project is financially supported by the Erasmus + Program and the AED is fully responsible for the content of this document, and under no circumstances can it be accepted as an official position of the Union and the National Agency.

PDF files (you can download the training materials for free from here)
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